Stepping Up Climate Policy: Tenth Long-term Low-emissions Strategy Submitted

By  UN Climate Change News

The Marshall Islands has published a landmark strategy to reach net zero emissions by 2050. The strategy, called “Lighting the Way” in Marshallese also provides the basis for the country to increase the level of ambition of its existing 2025 emissions reduction target (or Nationally Determined Contribution) under the Paris Agreement. To view the press release, see here.

Having launched the strategy at the opening of Climate Week NYC, the Marshall Islands is the tenth Party to the Paris Climate Change Agreement and the first island nation to submit a long-term strategy. To view the strategy, see here.

Long-term strategies that have been submitted and published to date can be viewed here.

All efforts towards the development of long-term strategies are welcomed by the secretariat.

As action is taken before 2020, an eye has to be kept on the future. Action today must be in service to the long-term goals enshrined in the Paris Agreement.

The Agreement is itself a global strategy for the longer term that is defined by three aims:

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