Informal consultations on the outcome of COP24

The incoming Polish Presidency of the COP24 organized an informal meeting on the level of lead negotiators. The meeting took place in New York on the 27th of September to assist in preparations for the upcoming 24th conference of the Parties to UNFCCC. 33 Parties participated in the consultations. The COP23 Presidency, the UNFCCC Executive Secretary and the Presiding Officers were also present.

The meeting looked at four elements of the potential Katowice outcome: the NDCs process, adaptation, transparency and finance. In order to ensure inclusiveness the Polish incoming Presidency prepared this note under its own authority reflecting the broad lines of the discussion. The note attempts to capture the presented views in a balanced manner but it should not be treated as exhaustive.

The next informal consultations on the level of the lead negotiators will take place in Krakow on 24th of October, after the conclusion of the ministerial pre-COP.

Read the full Summary of discussions here.

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