Fifteen Countries Showcase their Climate Actions at COP25

UN Climate Change News– At the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Madrid, fifteen countries presented the latest information on their climate actions at events called the Facilitative Sharing of Views (FSV) and Multilateral Assessment (MA).


Operating since 2014, the MA and FSV processes provide multilateral platforms for countries to share the latest information on their climate actions and engage in a constructive exchange of views. These processes play a crucial role in building trust among countries by enhancing the transparency of climate actions, thereby allowing countries to track progress of implementation and raise ambition levels.

In her opening remarks at the FSV workshop, UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Patricia Espinosa, said:

“It is becoming clearer than ever how transparency is central to increasing climate action. Ensuring data is shared openly is vital to our collective climate change efforts. When we see what is working in one country, we are more likely to try it in our own, if it’s applicable. This transparency directly helps inform governments as they increase levels of ambition to tackle climate change.”

Facilitative Sharing of Views

At the 8th session of the FSV workshop, five developing countries – Chile, Ghana, India, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia – shared their achievements and remaining challenges in climate action.

The latest FSV workshop demonstrated strengthened efforts by developing countries in addressing climate change. The discussion highlighted various policies and measures being actively implemented by developing countries, including carbon pricing, low-carbon electricity generation and sustainable forest management.  

Countries also noted that developing the biennial update report (BUR) and participating in the international consultation and analysis (ICA) have been beneficial to strengthen their capacity in tracking progress of mitigation actions and increase awareness. 

COP25 President and Minister of Environment of Chile, Carolina Schmidt, said: “Data and transparency are core elements for driving commitments and increasing ambition.” She also added: “The international consultation and analysis (ICA) and facilitative sharing of views (FSV) have particular importance not only to establish dialogue, but also to understand areas for improvement and approaches to overcome potential gaps.”

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