2020 a «Critical Year for Addressing Climate Change»- Ovais Sarmad

In an address to the European Economic and Social Committee today, UN Climate Change Deputy Executive Secretary Ovais Sarmad called 2020 «a critical year for addressing climate change.»

Mr. Sarmad said that as countries prepare to submit their new or revised national climate action plans this year, they need to show much higher ambition, since the world is currently on track towards a global temperature rise of 3 degrees Celsius, double the target set out in the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement.

2020 must also be the year that the world begins to fulfill the promise of the Paris Agreement, since in the intervening five years, «climate change morphed from a serious challenge to a full-blown emergency – one affecting almost every part of the world.» He said:

«Climate change does not respect politics, but our politics must respect climate change.»

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