COP26 Private Finance Agenda Launched

The Bank of England has launched a «COP26 Private Finance Agenda» to help private finance support the global economy transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions. The objective is that every professional financial decision will need to take climate change into account. The right framework for reporting, risk management and returns will embed these considerations and help finance a whole economy transition. To achieve net zero, every company, bank, insurer and investor will need to adjust their business models for a low carbon world.

A UN-backed boost for women-run businesses in the developing world

Many women running small businesses in emerging markets have to juggle their business objectives with family obligations and personal savings goals. By supporting Impact Investment Exchange (IIX)’s Women’s Livelihood Bond Series (WLB Series), a women-focused bond providing loans to microfinance institutions and impact enterprises, the UN is helping women entrepreneurs facing similar challenges, to succeed in their professional and private lives.

We need to give voice to ‘We the Peoples’, says UN chief

For an Organization that is seen as all too ready to give advice, the United Nations welcomed a major role reversal on Tuesday: young people from all over the world were gathered in Switzerland to voice their concerns, outline their vision for a better future, and give Secretary-General António Guterres their advice on steering the world body through todays’ turbulent waters.

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