UNFCCC Adaptation Committee Meeting Goes Digital


  • Finally, finalizing its development—in partnership with the LEG, partner organizations of the Nairobi work programme, and other stakeholders—of an inventory of methodologies for assessing adaptation needs related to action, finance, capacity-building, technological support, and other areas.
    1. Consideration of its technical paper on data for adaptation at different spatial and temporal scales. Sufficient, high-quality data is critical to planning and implementing adaptation efforts, and the paper helps elucidate the data required and provided for adaptation.

    Further, Adaptation Committee members will work via e-mail, collaborative online spaces, and other virtual platforms as needed over the coming weeks to ensure that the other items on the agenda also move forward. This includes the Adaptation Committee’s ongoing work on topics related to mainstreaming gender, engaging the private sector, awareness raising and outreach, and more. 

    Information taken from: https://unfccc.int/news/unfccc-adaptation-committee-meeting-goes-digital

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