Pathways to a resilient Pacific: Our island journey ahead

“The challenge of climate change and our vulnerability to disasters in the Pacific is a reality our communities know and experience regularly. Our ocean covers two-thirds of the Earth’s surface and we have more than 20,000 islands in this region, our ability to support resilience cannot be done alone and this meeting and resilience movement is testament to our strong partnership approach to tackle these significant challenges,” said Mr Colin Tukuitonga, Director-General of the Pacific Community (SPC).

Global warming is shifting Earth’s clouds, study shows

Climate Central: The warming of the planet over the past few decades has shifted a key band of clouds poleward and increased the heights of clouds tops.

The reaction of clouds to a warming atmosphere has been one of the major sources of uncertainty in estimating exactly how much the world will heat up from the accumulation of greenhouse gases, as some changes would enhance warming, while others would counteract it. Leer más

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